Industrial facilities ground investigation: What is at stake?

Successful project execution relies on high quality information being provided to all the stakeholders as early as possible in the construction process. For substantial projects such as industrial facilities it is critical to know the ground properties and, more importantly, the locations of faults, groundwater and large fissures with soft infill materials in advance. This information dictates the choice of methods, which in turn defines the program, the necessary resources and the costs. Any error can have a major impact on the foundations.

How VSL can help you

VSL-Intrafor, as a ground investigation and geotechnical specialist, offers a wide range of techniques  that ensure geological conditions are fully understood before the construction process begins. Any problems can be anticipated before they impact on the project.

We have the equipment, operational staff fully qualified in drilling and geotechnical services, and established processes to:

– assist our clients in defining the scope of any ground investigations

– supply samples with all the necessary information

– supply geotechnical analysis and comprehensive ground assessment reports

What are the VSL industrial facilities ground investigations solutions?

  • Engineering services and procedures
  • Ground investigation campaigns: onshore, offshore, in-situ testing, drilling work and coring work.
  • Analysis
  • Reporting

Solutions that can be combined with ground investigation

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