Nuclear containment horizontal directional drilling: What is at stake?

In environmentally sensitive areas, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a technique of choice to install a wide range of underground networks such as water, electricity, optical fiber, and more.

This innovative and effective trenchless construction method greatly reduces the amount of disruption at the surface, with no impact on the ecosystems along the route. Compared to other trenchless techniques, HDD is one of the most effective in the widest range of ground conditions: it can be used in soft to hard or even mixed ground.

How VSL can help you

Thanks to its full knowledge of ground conditions and constraints, VSL-Intrafor can support any type of HDD operation, and provide the qualified personnel and specialized equipment required.

What are the VSL nuclear containment horizontal directional drilling solutions?

VSL-Intrafor can assist you at all stages from designing the trajectory of the route to completing the network.
Our capabilities include:

  • Pipeline and conduit installation
  • Submarine outfall installation
  • Cable landfall installation
  • Drilling of extra-long ground freezing holes
  • Directional grout hole installation
  • Hole trajectory design
  • Pit launching
  • Parallel installations
  • Installation of extra-long horizontal ties

Solutions that can be combined with horizontal directional drilling

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