Post-tensioned concrete bridge: what is at stake?

Post-tensioning is a key structural reinforcement of concrete bridge. It consists in introducing an internal stress state into a concrete element, with the installation and stressing of post-tensioning tendons. This comes to counteract stresses due to external loading, and results in reduced deformation and cracking of concrete.

Since the 1950s, post-tensioning has permitted to extend the application of concrete for larger spans. It has also enabled for new construction methods, making them simpler and faster.

Post-tensioning is necessary to strengthen the structural safety and durability of structures. It also allows to optimise structural design.

When choosing a specialist to design the post-tensioning, systems, and project execution, it is critical to include:

  • Relevant engineering that optimises the structural design thereby providing both time and financial savings,
  • Quality systems & technologies: these are key for durability against fatigue and corrosion and other external factors,
  • A guarantee that strict, quality procedures will be followed during the assembly of post-tensioning tendons. This minimises the need for repairs and reduces the safety risks for users.

How VSL can help you

In the early 1950s, VSL was a pioneer of post-tensioning (PT) and since then, this has been at the very heart of VSL’s expertise.

Whilst contributing to the construction of ever-bigger structures in ever-shorter timeframes, VSL aims at focusing on the safety and the durability of structures, through:

  • A 360° approach combining engineering (design and methods), components (systems and technologies) and project implementation,
  • Continuous innovation of its PT systems and technologies: VSL constantly improves its catalogue of solutions, capitalizing on the feedbacks from the field and on its worldwide expertise,
  • Strict installation procedures – in particular grouting, a key element to protect post-tensioning against corrosion,
  • Wide internal training and sharing among all VSL staff on ever-evolving solutions and procedures.

What are the VSL post-tensioned concrete bridge solutions?

1. Specialised engineering assistance for design engineers to optimise the use of post-tensioning in structural design phases.

2. A turnkey solution for PT. All-encompassing design and engineering services, including the supply and installation of the hardware.Our VSL post-tensioning turnkey solution can be provided as a stand-alone product or as a component of wider bridge construction services.

3. Post-tensioning focused asset preservation, repairs and upgrades. Including monitoring and data analysis services, inspection, preventive maintenance, repairs and upgrades. This robust and detailed service ensures continuous asset functionality and user safety. It also allows to anticipate the future needs and structural evolution, thereby – minimizing overall life-cycle costs.



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HONG KONG, Hong Kong
1992 - 1994
RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
2015 – 2018
2017 – 2019

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