Bridge ground improvement: What is at stake?

Ground improvement allows to circumvent weak foundations and soil materials to improve bearing capacity and stability of the ground. Often, ground improvement is required when the ground consists of soft and compressive soils, peaty clay and organic soils, under-consolidated ground conditions and newly reclaimed land.

The improvement of ground properties is also necessary for groundwater control and helps ensure watertightness.

Additionally, it can be used to reduce seismic risks if the ground has a potential for liquefaction.

At the construction stage, it ground improvement allows to speed up overall construction time – thus increasing financial savings.

Besides the bridge, casting yards require sound and solid ground to support deck segments and heavy machinery.

How VSL can help you

VSL’s subsidiary, Intrafor Hong Kong, is a leading ground improvement specialty contractor. We have the expertise in working with all geotechnical properties of ground types, ground improvement techniques and the equipment to design and operate the work required.

Our VSL advantage: We understand the practical, financial, technical, and environmental challenges and are therefore able to offer the most appropriate and cost-effective solution.

After the ground investigations, our teams work in close collaboration with consultants and contractors to determine the optimal engineering design and provide the most appropriate ground treatments, including: Stone columns, vibro compaction, jet grouting and/or artificial ground freezing…

What are the VSL bridge ground improvement solutions?

Not only does VSL– Intrafor guarantee the ground stability, we are able to provide geotechnical knowledge and engineering, as well as the supply and operation of specialised equipment – all to ensure the improvement of the ground properties.

Ground improvement for bridges is offered as a standalone package or in conjunction with our ground investigation or other bridge construction solutions.

Solutions that can be combined with ground improvement

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