Bridge foundations: What is at stake ?

Foundation works can take an extensive amount of time if they are not handled by specialists of underground works with a global approach to the entire structure.

When coming to supporting a bridge, foundations include:

– The pile (or pile wall, or sometimes micro-pile for smaller bridges) supports all the forces applied to the structure from top to bottom,

– Located under the pier, the pile cap is used to redistribute forces onto the several piles of the structure.

How VSL can help you

VSL and its subsidiary Intrafor, who is a specialised leader in ground engineering and foundations, guarantee performance on technical and time efficiency – providing you with a design and build package, including:

– The best solution design for the foundations – based upon ground investigation and thorough analysis
– Potential ground improvement
– Foundations works

What are the VSL bridge foundations solutions?

A design and build package encompassing the necessary design and engineering services required; starting with ground investigations all the way to the foundations work required to build the bridge.

Solutions that can ce combined with foundations

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