Bridge ground investigation: What is at stake?

Any construction project should rely on an accurate understanding and plan for a structure’s load-bearing capacity, which depends on the specific chemical and mechanical ground properties.

Risks are high:  a miscalculation could impact the foundations in later construction stages or during the structure’s lifecycle, causing: round collapse, significant extra costs, or additional time required for construction.

Ground investigations are a combination of techniques to investigate and assess the ground subsurface conditions prior to starting the construction.

Furthermore, they help ascertain whether ground improvement is necessary in order to improve stability and durability before, during and after bridge construction. Ground investigations also allow to forecast a structure’s potential life cycle.

How VSL can help you

Through its Intrafor Hong Kong subsidiary, a specialist in ground engineering and foundations, VSL has deep expertise and qualifications necessary to supply geotechnical analysis and comprehensive ground assessment reports, including recommendations for the most appropriate, cost-effective solution.

As far as bridge construction projects are concerned, VSL provides you with the engineering assistance to diagnosis ground stability and improve it (if necessary), utilizing:
– a collection of ground samples (and all the necessary information on the ground properties)
– geotechnical analysis and comprehensive ground assessment reports
– recommendations on the best solution for your project

VSL relies on:

– a team of about 100 individuals who specialise in drilling and geotechnical services – including geologists and drillers, (all of whom are highly qualified and accredited),
– in-house equipment,
– established processes.

What are the VSL bridge ground investigation solutions?

1. Our ground investigation campaigns help our clients understand the challenges they are facing and the required information that must be collected.

2. Ground investigations campaigns: onshore, offshore, on-site testing, drilling work and coring work.

3. Geotechnical analysis and comprehensive ground assessment reports

4. Action plan with methods services.

Solutions that can be combined with ground investigation

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