Cable-stayed bridges
December 6, 2019


VSL has developed an unprecedented LED lighting concept for stay cables, turning a bridge into a highly visible 3D screen. By bringing together technical solutions and services, we help owners to make their bridges must-see landmarks in the hearts of cities.

Cable-stayed bridges are by nature emblematic monuments, but how to make them become must-see landmarks that will help develop the attractivity of the city, especially at night, by entertaining or informing the public?

To address this need, VSL has developed an unprecedented LED lighting concept for stay cables, turning a bridge into a giant screen measuring several hundred meters, able to project light shows, and even, advertisements and direct messages to the public. You create a unique activity hub by displaying what you want, when you want and in whatever circumstance you want.

In recent years, architects have been trying to integrate LEDs into cables to create visual shows. But these installations were always ephemeral. For a simple reason: the technical challenge to get a reliable and sustainable installation is enormous. The stay cables are sensitive. There is little room to install electronics to supply power. Cable-stayed bridges form a complex structure, they are subject to vibration and to weather conditions, and all parameters must be taken into account.

For several years, we have developed the concept and managed to turn it into a turnkey solution. We call it VSL LEDsPLAY®.

VSL LEDsPLAY®: How does it work?

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This is made possible thanks to the alliance of three components:

• Structural System to install and control the LEDs
• Software System to pilot the screen and precisely calculate the position and the movement of the thousands of LEDs.
• Technical and artistic services.

The integrity of your bridge is guaranteed with adapted sheaths:

• Fully internally Integrated LEDs
• Or Externally integrated LEDs, in particular for retrofit

And you will concretely connect your bridge with the city, its inhabitants and its visitors…
This means: more passage, more tourism, more outside seating areas, new places to circulate, new real estate and business development, all benefitting from a new activity hub, to continue to make your city shine around the world.

Rachid Annan,
Technical deputy director