Building foundations: What is at stake?

The taller the building – the higher the load. Buildings with higher loads require deeper and stronger foundations – as these deep foundations guarantee the overall strength and viability of the structure.

Deep foundations are all the more necessary if the supporting bedrock is too deep or too difficult to access.

Often, permanent retaining walls and structural load-bearing walls are used in conjunction to strengthen a building’s lowest levels.

How VSL can help you

We offer an economic and time-saving solution by combining various functions, including excavation for the retaining wall, diaphragm wall construction, and foundation fabrication. This approach helps to avoid setting up temporary steel-sheet retaining walls – which often lead to noise and vibration complications.

VSL Intrafor possesses a high level of in-house geotechnical engineering capability and equipment. This enables us to offer the best solutions, providing you with long-standing expertise and practical knowledge in this field of deep foundations.

What are the VSL building foundations’ solutions?

A full package including:

  • Geotechnical design and detailing
  • Excavation
  • Diaphragm wall execution where necessary
  • Ground anchors
  • Big diameter piles
  • Micropiles


Discover our Case Studies
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Solutions that can be combined with deep foundations

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