Building soil improvement: What is at stake ?

The significance of a building’s foundation cannot be underestimated. A solid foundation depends on good ground properties. However, not all buildings are fortunate enough to have a strong and stable ground prior to construction.

Moreover, when building in urban and densely populated environments, complex retaining earth works are required to prevent any deformation risks on the surrounding buildings.

In the case of poor soil conditions, foundation and ground improvement work can often take much longer (and can be much more expensive) than originally foreseen.

In this setting, soil improvement is the key to obtaining the best possible ground conditions for building. This is also vital in seismic areas, where the ground has a potential for liquefaction.

Proper ground improvement can help strengthen the durability and longevity of a structure – especially when considering the long-term usage

How VSL can help you

VSL – Intrafor is committed to improving ground properties. Our teams are equipped with world-class equipment and qualified operational staff, ready to design and execute your next project.

Additionally, we can compensate for any ground deformation that occurs under the surrounding structures – thanks to our strategic grout injections or jacking.

Our commitment to delivering results is based on a strong knowledge of ground geotechnical properties and our engineering expertise in all ground improvement techniques – even in the most challenging of scenarios.

Based on the ground analysis, we recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective techniques to improve load-bearing capacity, either by introducing materials such as gravel, grout and concrete, or by using state-of-the-art compacting or vibration methods to make the soil more dense.

What are the VSL building soil improvement solutions?

We can offer assistance with every aspect of the process, including:

  • design and engineering,
  • or with a combined design-and-build package,
  • or designing and building as two standalone offers.


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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

Solutions that can be combined with soil improvement

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