Building ground anchors: What is at stake?

Ground anchors are active structural reinforcements that optimise safety and ground stability, for both temporary and permanent structures.

Anchors are often used in temporary retaining walls to stabilise excavation during the construction phase, or they can even be used as a permanent solution for retaining walls – especially when building in unstable or sloping soil.

How VSL can help you

Our rich experience with temporary structures (bars, strands, horizontal propping systems) and permanent structures (permanent bars and strands) allows us to provide for many use cases and building scenarios.

Our seasoned systems are tested at international standards and are continuously being developed and meticulously improved by our team of engineers and specialists; Thereby, improving our reliable and cost-effective methods for installing ground anchors – all to ensure the safety and durability of our structures.

What are the VSL building ground anchors solutions?

A design & build package, including the supply, installation and stressing of both temporary and permanent anchors.




Solutions that can be combined with ground anchors

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