Building ground investigation: What is at stake?

Ground investigations are a combination of techniques to investigate and assess the ground subsurface conditions in order to optimise the stability and durability before, during and after the construction of a building.
The properties of a ground can be diverse throughout its many layers. These varieties can have a strong impact on load-bearing calculations; especially when foundations must be dug down deep for high-loading capacities (an example being high-rise towers).

This essential load-bearing calculation must be based on an accurate analysis of the ground properties and should be conducted as early as possible to prevent any delays and extra costs at the construction stage. This also greatly reduces the risk of collapse in later stages.

How VSL can help you

Our subsidiary, Intrafor Hong Kong, specializes in ground and foundation engineering. We have the equipment, qualified operational staff and established processes to supply:

  • ground samples with all the necessary information
  • geotechnical analysis and comprehensive ground assessment reports

What are the VSL building ground investigation solutions?

A design & build package, including:

  • Ground investigation campaigns
  • Analysis
  • Comprehensive ground assessment reports
  • Recommendations for the most appropriate and cost-effective solution


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Solutions that can be combined with ground investigation

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